How To Overcome Nerves

Techniques to Help You Overcome Your Nerves During an Interview

How to Overcome Your Nerves During an Interview

Interviews are a nightmare, so it is normal to approach the situation with trepidation and dread.  The image of a panel of people scrutinizing your appearance, behavior, entire work history and your mannerisms is enough to make even the most experienced world leader feel anxious. This article will help you overcome these nerves once and for all.

People tend to be nervous before an interview because of the high stakes. If the hiring manager is impressed, you could end up with a job offer.

However, if you do not manage to pull out all the bells and whistles, you may find yourself in the streets with no accommodation or money in the bank.

Although interviews are undoubtedly dreadful, approaching them in the right manner and taking note of a few vital details can help you breeze through the process.

Here are some simple techniques to help you overcome your nerves during an interview:

Prepare and plan ahead

Preparation cannot be underlined enough during an interview process. All too often, nerves come as a result of lack of preparation and not knowing what to expect from the process.

An easy way to approach the interview process with confidence is by planning ahead to prepare for the curve balls and the worst case scenarios.

Preparation includes formulating possible answers to common questions, as well as finding possible answers for the questions that terrify you the most. Planning ahead and job coaching will enable you to be prepared, however, try not to memorize all your answers or else they could sound robotic and generic, which could potentially cause you the job.

Think positive

This sounds cliché and tired, however, it helps to be positive before and during your interview.  Negativity can be debilitating because it can prevent you from showcasing or highlighting your best qualities.

To get rid of any negative thoughts, you should try engaging in activities that make you feel relaxed and calm. For some people, this involves listening to music while others prefer participating in physical activities such as jogging.

In the moments leading up to an interview, you can replace jittery feelings by having a laugh; nowadays there are numerous memes and videos out there that can instill confidence and positivity right before you start the process.

Admit that you are nervous

If are jittery about the actual interview, it is ok to admit that you are.

During the beginning of the interview or if you stumble or do not know how to answer a question, you can apologize to the interviewer about being nervous, and then you can compose yourself before continuing with the process.

Remember that the interviewer is also human and that at one point, they too were in the same position as you.

Fake it to make it

Even if you are not feeling confident, you should make sure that act or appear confident. Your body language such as a firm handshake, looking the interviewer in the eye, sitting up straight and not crushing your fingers are all things that you can fake to make it.

Always remember that the job interview is as much to see if you want to work for the organization as it is for the hiring manager to see if you are the right fit for the company.