How To Approach A Personality Test

What is a Personality Test and How to Approach it.

What is a Personality Test and How to Approach it

To improve the hiring process and to ensure that organizations find the best candidate for the job, more and more companies are choosing to give personality tests.

Personality tests are used by prospective employers in a recruitment process to provide recruiters and candidates with information on whether the person is fit for the job.

The purpose is also to determine how the potential employee will fit into the office environment, how they will adapt to the office culture, how the candidate will work with others, as well as their performance against the requirements of the job.

Personality tests can be daunting and are often characterized by anxiety, which causes performance issues. Many candidates perform below their aptitude because of nerves or because they are unfamiliar with the interview process.

The good news is that you cannot pass or fail personality tests because you are who you are; there are no right or wrong answers in a personality test. The key to reducing levels of anxiety during a personality test is to prepare because stress often affects your responses, which might give the interviewer the wrong information about you.

Here are 3 top tips on how to handle yourself during a personality test:

Alter your behavior, not your personality

It is likely that you have more than one persona, which is quite normal. For the interview, you are more prone to bring out your professional persona more, which should be organized, stable and rational.

During employment, it is best to portray your professional persona by displaying the traits that the job title requires. For instance, HR candidate should have excellent communication and managerial skills while a sales rep candidate should be highly motivated and competitive.

While you may possess different personas, who you are as a person does not change.

Practice, practice, practice

Familiarize yourself with some of the questions that you should expect by taking practice tests. Once you have determined which traits are required for the job, you can try practicing with the numerous practice tests that are available free online.

Some tests online even provide you with feedback about your performance, which is useful in helping to guide you on how you can improve your performance.

Know how to handle control questions

Control questions are intended to catch you in a lie. For instance, you may be asked whether you somewhat agree or disagree with whether you have ever been untruthful in your life.

Obviously, we have all told lies at one point or another and answering this question in the wrong way could cast doubt on the legitimacy of your answers. Try as much as you can not to create an unrealistic image of yourself.