Have you ever been nervous before a Job interview?

Sitting and waiting while they prepare to ask you questions about your job, school and personal history.

Well you are not alone.

Since 2017, Masters of Interviewing has been helping students and job seekers prepare for their interviews and helping them get the best results possible. We saw that this was a crucial life skill that was not being taught at school, by family or at University.

MOI decided this was not good enough and has created a space for everyone to learn this life skill. Interviewing requires technique, preparation and practice, but the difference between being able to do it well or not, could make you thousands of dollars.

What we currently offer is:

– Free articles to help you at different stages of the process.
– A Free training video to kick start your training.
– A Five Module Video Course which gives you the exact techniques to use, preparation tools and word for word answers to make sure you succeed in your next interview.

If you want to ask a question, feel free to e-mail us anytime.